Tuesday, November 17, 2015

When I'm drunk in a bar

So I always have to be forced but it's a good thing because at least I know what works for me. I don't ever make myself write anything whether it be a receipt for work, a journal entry or a blog post. So this is mega weird. I've kinda shyed away from the whole "writer's thing" because to be honest I haven't felt much like one lately and I definitely haven't been busy honing the craft. 
I'm actually really, really drunk at this local bar and muse is playing and I'm in the midst of a breakup and somehow it's JUST OKAY. Ask me again tomorrow, I'll confide that I was "stupid drunk and being extra". But no, inspiration is odd and comes at uncomfortable times. It's like "can I just ask for you & we beck & call it like normal human beings"? but no, it comes at your most vulnerable so really you have no say. And what a friend right, because on our own we would never give in. We need vulnerability. This isn't about anything. But it's not about nothing. Basically, I kinda wanna just say I'm back? So...I'm back.